The Issei and Nisei Farmers: Their Legacy
Thank you for showing your support and gratitude for the Issei and Nisei farmers in your family! We are paying tribute to those farmers and you will be leaving a legacy in their honor on display at the Farm.

Everyone will have at least one 30” x 72” table (more table space is available upon request) for displaying your photos, farm labels, family history, and memorabilia. Any easels or loose items should be taped down securely in case it is windy.

Each table should also have at least one family member at the display throughout the duration of the Walk on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Plan on arriving between 7 and 8:00 a.m. to be set up by 8:30 a.m. At 8:45 a.m. you and other family members that will be staffing your display will be the first to get a head start for The Walk so that you will be able to return to oversee your display. We ask that you stay until 1:00 p.m. at which time you may than disassemble your display.

To create the collage we ask that you gather 6 to 8 photos and a write a brief 200 word family farming history. If you have too much to tell, feel free to write more but be aware that we may have to omit some photos. We will assemble the photos and the description to create an 18"x18" collage that will be on display at Tanaka Farms for the following year.  CLICK HERE to upload your photos and family description.

For questions, please contact Committee Members:
Lillian Sasaki at sasakilillian47@ or
Arlene Kato at
Families that have committed
to display

Sadakane Farms

Taikichi and Ume Kato

Otsuka Farms

Naritoku Farms

Kunihiro Farms

​Ito Farms

Miyake Farms

Fujishige Farms

Masuda Farms

Sakioka Farms

Kawamura Farms

Namekata Brothers Farm

Yoshimura Farm

Tanaka Farms